Friday, January 8, 2010

My Running Gear (Winter Edition)

This is a list of my running gear.  For starters the main piece of equipment are the shoes. If you don't have good shoes or the right shoes for that matter, you are in trouble. I went through 3 different pairs to find the ones I use now Ascis 4150. My first pair was an UnderArmor set. I ran a bit over 500 miles on those. I Replaced them with the new Nike Lunar Glides which were great at first but started giving me problems after a week. I returned them and exchanged them for the Nike AirMax 2009 model. Those puppies were great and I ran close to 200 miles 'till my right foot began to show sighs of trouble. I still have those shoes and used them as casual sneakers now.. There have been by far the most expensive pair of shoes I ever bought in my life at a $160 price, cant just throw them away.

 The next one is my Nike+ sports band and shoe pod. Ever since I got this thing it has never left my side on a run. If I happen to forget this little thing I simply won't run, it is that important to me, specially if I am participating in challenges which is 90% of the time. At first I started with Nike+ using my iPod Nano so I could listen to music while running. But later on I found that my pace followed the music beat, so I learned to run without music.  This is the exact color I wear.

Sadly, The Nike+ Sport's band cannot be trusted with your pace and distance. It tends to fluctuate and it constantly needs to be calibrated which is not hard, but can be annoying depending on your mood. Some other people say otherwise but I can only share my experience with it.  Regardless, I love this little gadget, this is one of the reasons I stayed motivated to keep running. I can run without my Garmin, but I cannot run without my Nike band. 

The third most important gadget is the Garmin Forerunner. No this is not a GPS that guides you through the best route or tells you where to make the next turn. This amazing gadget simply tacks you run via GPS and maps it for you. But most important, it tracks your pace, distance, heart rate during a run. There are so many things you can do with this thing to improve your running. Last year I was borrowing Joyce's 305 model and it helped me a lot in improving my pace. As Christmas approached, she got me my very own Garmin, but not just any Garmin, she got me the latest model the Forerunner 310XT. All this thing needs is to be able to give you the time when in standby mode and it would the the ultimate gadget, but it doesn't (unless I am missing something). I love the Virtual Partner feature.. i still haven't been able to beat it in an entire run, but soon. I can only use the Garmin outdoors even though you could use it indoors with a POD but I don't find it fun. That's where the Nike+ becomes very important. I am new to this model so I am still learning how to use it's features and trying to get the most out of it. 

Next on the list is the iPhone 3GS. WHY? simple, it is Nike+ enabled. Making it a most have item. This is not only my stay in touch tool in the gym while using wifi, or a peace of mind in case of an emergency in an outdoor run. This is my backup in case I forget my Nike+ Sport's Band. Nothing amazing about this little guy, just a fancier way to see your run data during your workout. At the end, it's just another Sport's Band. 

For the weather, well, you can't go anywhere without your underwear so that is a most, at least for me. lol Followed by a moisture wicking/dry fit shirt underneath this Champion Soft Shell jacket which is also moisture wicking. This jacket was fairly cheap compare to others I've seen at Sports Authority. This one was under $40 at Target and I have used it in a low 20 degree weather and kept me warm. I guess it's all about layers. 

The next item is what makes Joyce go "WoW" when she sees it on me.. It's the tight. Even though she goes WOW, I still think I look stupid in it. I would not wear it unless I am using it under a short or pants. Seriously, they call them tights for a reason. 

Next is the Yak-Trax. I haven't use them yet but I am sure I will soon, and if not, then there is always next winter season. Last but not least, it's the Cap and gloves. I use the Nike Running Skull. It fits Ok and it overlaps down to my ears so they get some protection as well. When I wear this thing I definitely do not look good at all, but running is not a fashion contest, and when it comes to keeping warm, I just don't care. I don't put cologne before going out on a run, so who cares right? 

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