Monday, February 22, 2010


First things first...this is so cool, you guys found this blog, don't mean to sound like an A#%$@ (too late I guess) but it is cool to know others are reading your blog..
Second- I believe you guys were ahead unless you still had one more runner to go.. so YAY. you were killing us. I simply got lucky to come in at the time I did. ..

Now, I believe every one has the right to post what happened or what one saw or heard at an event.. They are called reports.. or whatever you want to call them. We can both sit in front of out PC/Macs and type back and forth about who said or did not say.  I do see your point on me trash talking..

#1- The word trash talking is deff not a good choice of word in that sentence. I do have to correct the part where I said that you guys were trash talking. The sentence is not meant to say that you guys were trash talking the entire time I was waiting for my dad. That indeed was a bad choice of word... as a matter of fact the entire sentence "The girl was trash talking other runners" is incorrect, and for that I do apologize. My wife did mention last night, that the sentence was difficult to understand and could be misunderstood. (She is deff going to love this one.) 

#2- Posting detail info like names, or in this case bib #s was also a not cool thing to do.. My fault for always being too detail about the things I see..  This is indeed trash talking and that is not cool. However, it was not done intentionally, but it part of my race report. As you may possibly writer in yours,, "After finishing our race, I found this blog where this SOB trashed talked about our team.. etc, etc, etc) so I do give you that,, and again, I publicly apologize for that. It was never my intention to portrait you as bad people.

With that said.. I cannot take back about the moron part.. because that is what I heard.. and as I said before, we can all go back and forth on this a life time. All I can say is "that is what I heard".  If i had the slightest doubt that I heard wrong I will retract myself, I can admit my mistakes. Something I need to clarify is that my post is not emphasizing on you guys or what I heard or trying to make you the bad guys of the race. If it was or if I wanted to  really trashed talk, I would have wrote a whole blog post just about that.. but that was never my intention, I simply happened to throw that in there, because it was one of the things that happened during the race that popped in my head as I was typing. "I guess I will be expecting an email from the race coordinators about my comment on the porto potties as well"...

Other things happened that popped up after I posted the blog, like: how cold it was, how crazy I though  some people were to wear sleeveless shirts and shorts, how ridiculous I looked in what I was wearing that day, how the guy I passed as I was sprinting to the finish line said "Mother efer" but we congratulated each other with a big smile as he crossed the line and so on..  The only reason why I mentioned #90 again later on towards the end, is because I really thought the runner was fast, and catching up to her after taking off minutes after was a big deal to me as a runner. 
If you got offended by what I said, I am sorry, again, it was never my intention to portrait you as a bad person... i will fix the wording on the main post to make sure other readers do not get that impression. 

You are always welcome to comment on any of the blogs here.. Like I said before,  it is exciting to see that others are reading this blog.. 


  1. Well written, but really it’s not your fault you overheard someone trash talk another runner. However, yes a little discretion about the bib number was called for. Lastly, it really disappoints me to find other runners out there who are prejudice to those who are slower or promote a very judgmental environment. I believe that running is a great method for creating a great physique, and a wonderful stress reliever (not a judging stage show like those who call out people “moron” during a race). Growing up, I was always told to not say anything at all if you have nothing nice to say. I just think that once a person is called out publicly, they tend to deny they ever said anything that would make them look bad. So be careful what you say publicly and who might hear you…God is always watching and listening whether you believe in Him or not.

  2. Our team actually finished on the clock ahead of yours, which further confirms that this girl, that you thought/claim was #90, must have been someone else- since you would not have passed her.

    This is why you need to think before you write. Just as your friend says people should think before they speak. You managed to upset some people, who only had nice things to say themselves, but read a blog post with "not nice" things said about them.

    I agre thate if anyone really did say moron out there, that is not cool and a shame. But I think that's a big exception to one of the nicest most supportive races I've been to, and I've been to a lot.

    And you mention my blog post, that's ironic, since what I wrote about was how this race had the best team spirit and crowd support of any I've been to.

    @RunnerJ824- I am not defending myself as you claim. I ran middle leg, so it could not have been me. I'm defending my friend, who ran last leg, and is in fact a fairly new runner herself.

  3. We can keep going at this for ever, but my blog is not meant to host arguments. We are all grown ups and we all share a common interest "running" a sport that has given me a lot. Again team 90, the blog post was never to badmouth any one at all. Sadly, it is my fault for adding too much details, in this case, bib #s which give up way too info, making it trash talking about a fellow runner.

    If you know otherwise about the finish time, then congratulations, but I do remember seeing a #90 on the girl I passed.. Needless to say, I did not pass or made it my goal to pass the runner because of what I heard, but because it was a personal challenge.

    Like I mentioned on the original post,, life went on..

  4. I have always found running to be my way to avoid negativity and negative people. Unfortunately that is not always the case. This even it over and done with and so should the situation. Blogs are open forums for people to express what they choose to express. If someone disagrees then by all means post a rebuttal on your own personal blog. Most of the time it's usually a misunderstanding or one rude person out of the bunch.

    As you say goes on, and so shall the next race.

  5. Once again 'Anonymous' Team #90... Shut up and quit your whining. No one cares what you think, if you don't like it, stop reading this Blog!