Monday, March 1, 2010

The long awaited results for Team #17..

In the past few days, there was great commotion about something I posted. Anyway.. not going to base everything on it.  I have been waiting to see the results from our Relay Race at Prospect Park on Feb 21st. For some reason it is not listed on their "Race Results" page, but found it via a follower.. I still dunno who it is but glad to have you as a follower. I have learned my lesson in not mentioning names so I wont say it was chickenunderpants. ooops I said too much. HAHA j/k..

Anyway, I am happy to report that our time was not 1:26, but 1:25:35.. woohoo.. Not bad at all. So to confirm, I did pass #90.. :-) here is a link to the actual results page.... I don't want any one saying later on that I am making it up.. ;-)

Yes, the other team was fast, the runner I passed was fast, so I take my hat and pay my respects to team #90. The reason I make such a fuzz about this, is because it was a challenge for me as a runner to have done this.  When I race, I usually spot one or two runners that start out faster than me and use them as pointers and my goal to beat them. Is it wrong to do this? Nah... why? you use whatever drives you to do your race and beat a time (it is called a race after all). You are there to be clean competitive. You do not start feeling bad about slower runners and let pass you just to be nice, right?  So far the only one that I have never been able to beat is my own dad.. lol he may be old, but freaking fast, very efficient with his time too. When I grow up I want to be just like him. LOL

Something funny I found out too is, the name of out team was literally "The Three Stooges".. When we were brainstorming about a name, I was being myself and in a joking way said "The Three Stooges".. Little did I know, that's what was used when the team was registered.. LOL Cool.. it would have been hilarious, if there was some one calling out the name of the teams as they crossed the line.. LOL hey, its a fun race.. gotta have fun right?

Again, this race was a great race. Lots of fun, a lot of things learned.. for one, "slow down on that big ass hill" I am still feeling the effects from it..

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  1. Correction. I just saw the posting of the results link on the Club's main page. Was not there Friday.. cool...