Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Attempt To Run #2

This is a pretty good run/walk, however, it also made me realize that I did a number on my knee this time. Recovery may take much longer than expected. 

The plan to run was there since Friday, but kept putting it off due to unexpected things at home and at work. I got my gear on and was kinda excited to get back on the road.. specially after the first half mile, but we'll get there in a bit.. lol. The target distance for this run was 1 mile. It was simple run to test the legs, nothing crazy. This time I wore my knee brace to make sure the knee had enough support and my ankle wrap. I noticed my ankle bothering the whole day yesterday so I didn't want to take any chances. 
The weather was simply great for a long run, but good enough for a test drive as well. I have no idea what happened to me, but I miscalculated the distance and lost track of where I was.. instead of turning back at half a mile, I kept running. I kept a constant 9:30-9:40 pace and just felt great, no pain, no discomfort. I did feel out of shape, I noticed I was breathing a bit too hard, but it was expected since I have not been able to run for almost a month now. I was so tempted to step it up a bit, but i kept hearing a little voice that sounded just like Joyce telling, "don't do it, you never listen" LOl so I had to keep it at the pace I was running. It wasn't till I got to .80 when I realized "SHIT, I still have to run back home" lol I figured my legs were feeling great, so may be able to run straight back if I keep it at this pace.

Little did I know my knee was going to start acting up exactly at 1 mile.. It's like it was on a timer. lol exactly at 1 mile I felt a little discomfort so I slowed down and eventually had to walk. I stopped my run on my Nike and began to time my walk home. I figured. "Well, the target was to run 1 mile and i did" lol so not at all a failure. I kept walking and around .30 or so I tried to run again. I was able to run a few block before feeling the same discomfort again. I walked again from there.. I kept walking till I reached Edison and Lafayette which is about .20 from the house and I started to run. Managed to run all the way to the house from there. Let me be clear.. The discomfort I felt was not pain. I avoided the pain during the run and after the run.

As I got home I had some time to do some pullups/chinups/ab work. Joyce was almost done with dinner so I had to cut it short.  

55 chinups
11 pullups
55 suspended crunched (leg ups) whatever you want to call them all i know is that my abs are sore right now. lol 

Few things to consider for the next run and many more to come 'till 100%.

1- No more road for me.. I noticed that pavement is not helping my situation so our treadmill will be put to work again. 
2- Always, wear the knee brace, it helped big time. 
3- Stretch before and after the run (noticed it made a difference)
4- Focus on more weight loss. Have not gain much, but enough for me to feel the difference when running.
5- Keep focused on the goal to recovery and not rush it.  this included reading the body and the signs it gives you.. knowing when to quit is a big one, one I refuse to learn, but have to adapt to it for now.. uggghhh 

Sadly, I will not be ready for my next 5K which is in June 6th. but I guess I can do the run walk thing :-)

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