Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Crazy Commute today

Ok, so I was sent to a work order in Brooklyn, NY. I had been debating between letting Joyce take the car or me drive her, drive to Brooklyn and then go all the way back to White Plains to pick her up.

I made the choice to take public transportation to save me the traffic and gas. I had no idea that it was going to be this hot. The temp at home right before I left was 101. Luckily I din't have to wait long for the bus but the #6 train took a while.

As I got into the train something hit me.. "Dr. Zizmore" is still alive? That dude was old already the first time I saw his add back in 1995. Anyway, train was crowded so it wasn't till Grand Central that I was able to sit. The sit did not bother me at all, but the fact that I heard that stupid "Protect yourself", as well as the "all pkgs are subject to random search by the police" announcements 27 times.

It's not only enough to know that some crazy ass dude is out to get us all, but really, do we have to be reminded every second of our day by the city?

From 14th street all the way to Fulton St station, I was annoyed by a guy who decided to turn the train car into his own gym/monkey bar. The guy had to weight at least 200lbs and was not able to lift himself. He tried with a lot of effort I guess, because he sounded out of breath. Instead of pulling up, he was just hanging and swinging since the train was moving.

The car was almost full and either the doorman/conductor saw him or some one told him. He came out of the cabin and told him to get off, after a few bad words exchange between the two of them, Fulton St was coming up and I got off.

Took the A train to Brooklyn and I was forced to make a decision; look at the guy dancing to very loud MJ music, or look at the girl across with her left boob popped out. She fell asleep and was wearing a sort of loose tube top. She crossed her arms and since she was asleep the arms were weighing the top down. An old lady that got in with me and sat down next to me said "hay bendito, esta pobre mujer con la teta de fuera" she was Dominican so it sounded hilarious. She asked me if she should wake her up, I said "I think so, will look better if you do it than me" but deep inside "Dam it" lmao.

The lady woke up and needless to say she was all embarrassed. I got off and got to the Campus where I was told that the user was not going to be in till noon. So I took advantage of time and began to set up the new PC. The office was hot and not fun at all.

Upon completing the order, I headed out and stopped at Dunkin Donut to buy a bottle of water. To my surprise, the dam fridge was locked. Now, what is the point to have a fridge like that? If I have to get in line to tell you I need you to open the fridge. Won't it be easier to have the fridge behind the register instead, rather than next to the front door?

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