Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Finding The Motivation to do Core workouts.

It has been really cold, and other things have taken priority over running. I have been trying to be good with food and keeping my weight, so I am happy about that. Joyce got me my very own Garmin and she went all out getting me the 310XT, but I could not take it for a run this morning because it was way too windy and too cold to do so.

Something I have been struggling with is my core routine. I can't seem to keep up with it, but this is an old issue, which may no logger be an issue for me. YES, we got the Wii Fit… I originally wanted it to play the Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics game, but after going through the Wii Fit Plus settings and fooling around with the workout and games… you can't help it but to fall in love with the dam thing.

Now I have something I can use to do some core training and some strength workouts.. and with the visual result chart this thing has well it will encourage me to do it and beat my scores.. This thing so much

fun,, Jocelyn our 2year old already knows how to move around several of the mini games that uses the Wii board.. I think it was money well spent. Anything to stay fit, and anything to make it fun and keep at it.

My favorite game/training are; the Rhythm Kung-Fu. This is a lot of fun and all of the Strength Training routines. I heard that the EA Sports Active for the Wii has more of a workout feeling than the Fit Plus so I may pick it up today, but if not, the Fit Plus will be good enough for now. These are some of the workouts available.

Wii Fit Mini Games

This thing would kick ass if all or some of the mini games were Wi-Fi capable,, for example the Free Run game.. it would be so freaking awesome if I could compete with others online on a 5K run and so on. I hope they do this soon.


  1. I find the core workouts the hardest to maintain too, so you’re not alone there. It’s great to have the Wii Fit Plus as an alternative, but I would still do the Yoga and Pilates I do on the side since I find them more intense and I actually sweat. Good you have that in your goal, core is the most important that I can never seem to manage. I guess that’s my 2010 goal, improve my core. Good luck and keep up the great workouts.

  2. Well, I guess we can both work on this together.. specially on the pull ups. I pull you push? :-)