Sunday, December 20, 2009

The fun after a blizzard

When people hear the word "BLIZZARD" they automatically panic. Who is going to shovel, I need salt, my tires are not for the snow, I will miss a day of work, etc. What ever the case is, there is always a reason why we hate blizzards.
This is different for kids.. the fact that they will miss a day of school, gives them something to look forward to, and of curse not to mention all the snow games you can play.. my favorite; SNOW BALL FIGHT..

Joyce and I had a good reason to look forward to this blizzard. This is the very first time Jocelyn, our 2 year old daughter will be able to go out and play in the snow. Last year she really didn't seem interested in going out in the snow not to mention touch it (she was only 1 and barely walking).. Last night she was all excited when she saw snow fall, and all she kept talking about on our slow way home from Target was "I want to make a snowman". By the time we got home we already had about a good inch of snow, so we dressed up and went out for a bit.. but she turned sour when we said, "Ok, time go inside" lol she was having too much fun. We told her that we were going to go again in the morning and we will make a snowman.
This morning at 8am, she came in the room and woke me up and said.. "daddy, outside, snowman" she did not forget. lol.

I had a couple of thing to do first. So while mommy was making breakfast, I was outside clearing a path with the landlord and cleaning my car. We are lucky to have a parking lot all to ourselves in the weekend, so it was just a matter of collecting the snow and make the balls.. with no one to bother us and not having to worry about Jocelyn getting hurt by crazy kids, we had our fun for a couple of hrs. The result.. a snowman as tall as Joyce, if I didn't know better, I'd say they were sisters.. :-).


  1. Man, I really miss snowy New York Winters!

  2. We all had a blast, and not to mention the hot cocoa after. BTW, that snowman is not as tall as me. I still had to bend down to get to its size for photo shoot. =)

  3. Eddie, you gotta come up here some time.. cold air will do you good.
    joyce: LOL.. the cocoa was great. ..
    The snowman look like he is from Cairo with that hat.. lol