Friday, December 18, 2009

Where are my tantarans?

As we got out out of the house on Thursday, we got hit by a beautiful day an weather.. I was not planning to run that day but after seeing the day I told Joyce “I am going to come back for my running gear after dropping you off” and so I did, but I was running late for work so I was rushing getting my stuff. Half way to work some thing hit me. “did I pack my tantarans?” shoot I am not sure. I got to work and at the parking lot I check and indeed, I forgot to pack them. No running.. :-(

When I told joyce she said. “LMAO... why don’t you just flip them when you are done.”

So, I had a work order at an external campus located in Coop_City, NY. The order seem simple and straight forward.

1- Bring New Temp Network printer to campus

2- Remove the old one and put it in storage while the parts needed to fix it arrive

3- Set all public and staff machine in the library to print to this printer.

Simple wont you say? Well, no one told me that the printer I was bringing was half my size in a box slightly bigger than the machine itself. Heavy you say? LOL There was no one willing to help carry that dam thing to the car and no hand trucks.. Usually we do not carry anything this big ourselves, we have maintenance handle it. But since this was an emergency, our department made an exception. Lucky me..

I carried the machine out to my car.. (2007 Toyota Matrix). box would not fit.. LOL I made one las attempt to put it in saying to myself. “if this does not go in now, we’ll have to reschedule” but the freaking box went in with some force.. Once I got to the other campus, I had the same problem, no one was willing to help carry that monster. Getting it in was a challenge. Getting out was a bitch.. lol but I got it out.

Oh yeah. did I mention that I was missing out on Free Pizza back at the office that day? anyway. As I walked in with the printer some one from security approached me and asked me for help with some wireless problems he was having with his laptop. I put carried the printer to the library (mind he did not even offered to help me with the printer) I came back to get him out of the way and fix the problem. Went back to the Library and setup the printer. Got it all done in less then 30 min.. Thank God. As I was making some changes to the public machines. The guy I helped came back .. as I saw him I said to my self “ahhh shit, now what?” To my surprise, he asked “Did you have lunch yet?” I said no. He then said. “Oh perfect, my treat, I am going over tot he pizzeria, how many slice would you like? my treat” I said no thanks but he insisted so I had to say ok to one slice and a soda.. Yes.. I know.. lesson learned.

As I was leaving the campus, I realized. “hey I can go get my tantarans now and go for that run”. So I drove home and got them. Went back to work by noon with enough time to relax before my run at 2 which I was planning to run to Glen Island.. 10 minutes to 2 before me leaving for my run we got a call from a user and I was the only tech available to assist. I had to fix some issues remotely to his PC that took me almost an hr causing me to miss my run.. All that trying to get my tantarans and I ended up not running. :-( LOL

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