Saturday, December 19, 2009

What have I been up to?

For starters, the holidays are coming and with them so are the dates which IT gets to do network maintenance and we all try to finish or at least try to catch up with all of of projects. The past few days we have been putting things together and coming up with a plan that will work for us to get as much done as possible while the college community is out.

So far my main project is to run maintenance on all UPS at the server room. Install and make sure that PowerShute is working on all servers.

Yes, the next few days promises to be fun. The good thing is that some of this things will not take too long to do so I will not be working 'till 5 most of the days.

Other little things I have been doing at home include building a new site since I gave up my ME account with Apple. $150 + tax per year for email, and a homepage seems a bit too pricy.. Yes you get the sync contacts, and iDisk feature, but honestly, do I need it? nah,, I can do the same thing with google or Yahoo for free and if I need to access files on the go, I can easily access my home network from anywhere. Now I am using Google Sites to build the new site. Not as easy as doing it with iWeb, but it wouldn't be fun if it was always easy. Check it out Adding new things daily so keep checking it for changes and let me know what you think.

Aside from from the site since I no longer have my page with Mobile Me. I had to move my blog to So I have been playing with settings and customizing the look. There is really not much you can change on it, but it has to look the way I want, otherwise what's the point of having your own blog page.

The site and blog are not the only things keeping me busy. The Academic Computing department at the college replaced the entire Mac Lab with new iMacs and put the old Power Macs G4s in storage, just in case they would find a use for them. That was almost a year ago. Ever since, that department and I have a really good relationship. Not to mention that Annie "former DM member" now works there and is a really good friend. Any way; going back and forth with the head of that department he mentioned that he was planning to get rid of the old Power Macs. I said in a joking way "oh can I have one?" he said "mmm sure, why not?" lol. So I brought home the sucker with its flat screen thinking that I would use is to set up games for Jocelyn. Guess what? I ended up switching machines with her. I gave her my old egg shell G4 iMac since I can only run OS X 10.4.11 vs this sucker now running 10.5.8 with 3GB of Ram and dual 17" displays.. lol hey can you blame me? lol. So I have been busy loading software and transferring data from my MacBook and getting it just the way I like it.

I was thinking of buying a Mac Mini for X-Mas but after getting this Power Mac for FREE, well I can use that $ for something else. Pays to be nice to people. Sadly that does not apply to every one but in this case, I got a nice reward.. Can't wait for them to replace the iMacs.. lmao.