Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day Off With Jocelyn

I had to stay with Jocelyn on Monday. She was feeling sick and had a fever of 101. She did good, took a nap, ate, she even play Wii Fit and Wii Music with me. After her fever went down she was the same old Jocelyn she always is.. but towards the end of the day she got hit by the cold again.
This morning she was coughing a lot, so I had to take her to the Dr to make sure she was ok and nothing else other than a simple cold was affecting her.

I told her as soon as she woke up that we were going to the Dr's and she was all excited about that.. Funny, she didn't like it before. When we got to the Dr's office she was still excited about seeing the Dr. All she talked about was,"Dr this Dr that". They called us into room #1 and as soon as we walked in this was her reaction.  Her face changed and she got more serious looking.
When the Dr sat her on that bed looking thing to check her, Jocelyn look like she was about to cry.

Thankfully everything went smooth. Dr. confirmed that Jocelyn only had a simple cold, lungs are clean, throat is fine as well. However, due to the fever yesterday and high temperature reading at the Dr's, she may end up at home again tomorrow.

Right after the Dr. she wanted chicken. This in the revised dictionary of the Jocelyn language means (chicken nuggets from McDonald's) lol. she saw the sing when we got of the building.
We got home with our lunch and were watching Nick Jr's Yo Gabba Gabba show.. I can't stand the show but it got a song stuck in my head today.. it was performed by The Aggrolites. The name of the song? Banana.. go figure.. Here enjoy.. lol

The Aggrolites - Banana (Yo Gabba Gabba!)

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  1. I bet just as cute when she's sick. nice stories/posts Israel.

  2. Thanks Muriel... glad you are enjoying them. ;-)