Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A bright morning start..

I thought my day was going to start smooth and early. I was out of the house by 8am. Took Joyce to the train. Took Jocelyn to daycare, I even delivered some toys to the daycare. Then I stopped at the bank/DMV. At MCU you now have to wait for your # to be called to go up to the window. Which I think it's an ok idea. Rather than having you stand in a long line, you get to sit and wait to be called. It looked like every one decided to hit the bank at the same time today. So many people. Took me almost an hr to get out of there.

I blame Dailymile for my delay. Lol, while I was waiting for my # to be called, I was comfy reading some postings on DM and missed read my #082 for 084. How? Lol I don't know, DM and the fact of me being half asleep even after a shower have a lot to do with it. I saw 084 being called and I almost ran to the window, I handed my # and another lady came up to me and said. Oh you also have 084? O said I guess I do. The guy at the window said "excuse me Sr, but you missed your #. yours it's 082, you are going to have to get another # and wait" huh? The guy that was sitting next to me had #127 and about 30 more people had come in with him, and it took almost 45 min to get from 061 to 084. No way I was going to wait that long.

I went to the manager and explained what happen. I did mentioned it was my fault for being an idiot and not knowing my #s lol. She said no problem, I'll take care of it. She also said that the guy at the window had to help me after he was done with the lady and not send me to get another #. Long story short, manager rang me up and took care of the deposit. "Thanks Kathy".

Now off to work, at the city today, right by the WTC site. 5 PCs to troubleshoot and 3 new staff setups. Fun, fun, fun... Oh yeah, I'll get to ride the subway with my baby on the way home tonight. Woohoo.

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