Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My day at the Lower Manhattan Campus...

As stated earlier on a previous post. I had a work order at one of our campuses in the city. Located right across from the WTC site. I got there by 10 am and was very productive for the first hr or so. I got to set up a new DotMatrix printer, and troubleshoot a PC at the library.. The user who needed the DotMatrix printer was not in when I arrived so I simply installed it and did a test page to get things moving. The rest of that work order was to set up the printer to work with the Client Access program (AS400). which should have been resolved automatically.

The user happens to be the Campus Director's Assistant. She came in 45 min late, and still under the effects of a wild party the night before.. Goodness you could smell the alcohol from across the office. To top it off it seems like she didn't even have time to shower before coming to work.. uggh.. I have smelled cleaner homeless people.. seriously.
When she came in, I asked her to simply log in and test printing from the program. While she was trying to get this done I was working on other things to be productive with my time and make it to my lunch date with Joyce. It was already quarter to 12 and she had not tested the printer. She came up to me around 12:20 to tell me that she could not log into the AS400.. When I saw how she was entering her info, I could tell she was not entering the correct password, but insisted on it being the correct one. She gave me the password and I entered it and TADA.(she had butter fingers). it worked, but the printer would print. Have I mention that I hate printers and the AS400 Client Access program? lol

I made some changes to the settings but I was still having the same problem. So I called a coworker for advise. Both of us were trying to fix this and while he was doing something remotely I noticed that the user had loaded the paper onto the wrong feeder. FYI, a DotMatrix printer uses a form type of paper.. the paper has holes on each side of the page that helps it move along the feeder track.. anyway here is a pic of what they look like. lol

 I went ahead and began to fix the way the paper was loaded. Well apparently this user should be doing my job instead because she went off at me asking me why did I move the paper?. I wanted to explain calmly that she was compete idiot, using nice words but instead I explained why I had done that. But she didn't want to listen. She later realized that she was wrong and proceeded to load the paper on the correct feeder, but she loaded it backwards. I tried to help her but her "I am not an idiot answer" did it for me and  I left it alone. Once we got the printer working she went ahead and did not only printed a contract.. she went ahead a did a whole batch. Needless to say they were being printed on an upside down form.. and she had the nerve to ask,, "why is it doing this? why is it now printing the wrong way? didn't you fix the problem?" lol The director came in and sounded upset asking me what was going on. I  tried to explain to her but the assistant kept nagging so another lady that works there jumped in and explain what happened. The assistant got called into the main office and 10 minutes later she came up and said thanks for fixing my printer.. lol

I was running late for lunch but I made it.. I have to say this was the best part of the entire day. We went to Pax. I have not been there in years. Had my old fav "chicken fajita with chipotle sauce" it was great. We enjoyed a nice conversation while having a nice lunch.

When I got back to the campus, I got stuck with Mrs Idrinkalot again. She had all sorts of problems due to not knowing how to use a program. I lost so much time with her that I didn't have time to finish my last work order which was to upgrade and update 4 laptops. Thankfully, 2 out of the 4 were out so only worked on 2 of them. This things were so out of date that I was not going to have enough time to finish them by 5pm and I was not planning on staying after that.. So I brought them back with me..  I swear I look like I had to be stopped by the NYPD at City Hall. I had two laptop bags and my own bag.. I didn't care if they stopped me to check the bag,, I mean, they do what they have to do to keep it safe in the city, but I was just more concerned with the time I was going to waste doing that.. Thank God they did not stop me.. and I passed right in front of at least 25 cops, no lie.. over 20 cops at City Hall's 4-5-6 train station. mean while 0 of them at Hunts Point, 3 ave and other bad stations, anyway. I got to meet with Joyce at 33rd street and went home together :-).  Oh yeah.. I made DailyMile Ambassador. woohoo. I wonder if we are going to get our own embassy in different countries..  if so, I'll take Thailand or Japan. LOL