Monday, February 1, 2010

You Gotta Love NYC

It's a cold morning, yet pleasant. The thought of going down to city is uggh, but it comes with the job. However, you can't help thinking; what a great city this one is.

Where else would you find an MTA worker arguing with a homeless guy who was asking be let into the station for free? Meanwhile a group of high school students jumped over and got in without paying. Lol the irony.

Train was empty so got a seat.. Woohoo. Parkchester station came up and two ladies were having an argument about the new office manager.. One said "that B%# better not get on my nerves or I will
F@%^# her up". Mean while a girl sat down next to listening to her iPod which was blasting with annoying regeton music.. Really, wth people? there is better music out there. I was listening to the same beat till 68th St. Where another girl came up and sat accross from me and I swear, if I had not seen her headphones I would have given her for a nut case. She was bahbling and making hand movements that made the old lady sitting next to her move to a diff section of the car. She smiled when she saw I was stearring (well it was hard not to) I smile back but with the thought "ahh you freak" in my head. Lol

42nd came up.. Lol and the guy who sat next to had a plastic bag with a dvd player. He turn it on and the sound was blasting to "moaning and give it to me you beep beep beep" The guy did appologized and switched the movie and from 33rd till Canal Street him I were enjoying a relaxing time watching Avatar. I am telling you, only in NY.

Got to my work order an well that is a story for another time.

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