Monday, March 15, 2010

Home again?

Ok, so the day didn't go as planned. This morning, on my way to drop Joyce off at her new job, I got a message from the main office saying; "the college is closed due to power loss" So, I got yet another day off. LOl cool huh? Gave me time to run some errands before going back and pick up Jocelyn. I wanted to run, but I waited at the bank for too long and I didn't have breakfast. Got home around 10 with enough time to eat something. Left the house 11:30 and got Jocelyn by 12 noon. On our way back, I asked Jocelyn: " what would you like to eat for lunch?" she said Pizzas, I guessed she meant Pizza. lol We went o the pizzeria which is located a the corner by our house. The plan was simple.. pick up and go home to eat.. little did I know, Jocelyn was going to make a friend.. A 4 year old girl was so interested in Jocelyn since we walked in. While we were waiting for the slices, the little girl came to the table we were sitting and stated to talk to Jocelyn.

Jocelyn looked excited and opened up to the little girl. I got up to go pay the guy and as I did, the little girl made her mom move her plate to where Jocelyn was sitting. Our slices were in a box since they were to go, but I felt bad to just take off, and since Jocelyn was having a nice conversation with the little girl I had to ask the guy to get me two plates and cut Jocelyn's slice in pieces. They talked as if they had known each other for a long time. The mom and I were laughing at the topics.. the little girl said, "oh, I love (not like, but love) your pink shirt" Jocelyn replied; "I like your shoes" Jocelyn brought up the weather and the rain, the little girl talked about her father's car not working so they had to use grandma's car. I have no idea what Jocelyn said, but

she mentioned "my car".. I have never seen Jocelyn on a conversation with another kid.. its amazing how much they understand and how well they can elaborate a conversation. They were both showing off how well they knew how to count, by counting the fans on the ceiling, the tables and chairs, even how many pieces of pizza they had left on their plates. On the picture below, they were both trying to spell the sign on the window (they both got it right too.) lol

The last topic of the day was about their babies.. the little girl had a TY Cat named "kitty" lol so Jocelyn mentioned that she had 3 babies: "a monkey, a tiger, and a sea-ion (sea lion) lol, Oh and that she also had 3 ballies; a pink one, a blue one and a white one... she did not forget about her birds either.. lol she told the little girl that she has 2 birdies at home; "a blue and and a yellow one" The little girls mom was amazed by Jocelyn's character and how well she behave and how nice she talked and played.. she asked me for my #, I said; "lady, are you crazy? you are married and so am I" LOL just kidding. I bet some of you went "OMG" LOL .. The conversation came to and end when Jocelyn said "Daddy, I wanna make Peepee" lol Freaking pizzeria does not have a bathroom, so Jocelyn said she could hold it. The house is literally 2 doors away, lol so we said bye and ran home.. lol

Jocelyn is a sleep now, but she is sleeping on the sofa, which means; "I can't run 'till she wakes up" and from the looks of it.. by then, we'll be getting ready to go get Joyce at work. So hopefully, I'll run tonight, if not, I will at least do some core... It has been a very interesting day for me so far.. hope it continues and stays that way.

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