Sunday, March 21, 2010

LIRRC 8 Mile Relay Race

I have to say that I was not expecting this to be good race for me. Turns out it was an amazing race. We got there with plenty of time to register. I had originally understood that 4X2 meant "4 miles by 2 people" LOL well I learned today that it means "4 people, 2 miles each" oh well.. So good thing we had 4 people. The lineup: 1st leg= Joyce, 2nd leg= Dave R.(my coworker), 3rd leg= Me, and my dad had the last one.

I was a bit nervous due to my ankle. It had been bothering me over night and was bothering me the whole time we were waiting for the race to start, but I knew that once it had warmed up, it would feel ok. Joyce took off and the pressure was on for every one. The first runner came in at 12+ minutes.. Obviously, we all felt intimidated by this, but in the heat of the race, we were all cheering and just having a good time.

Joyce came in and David took off. 17 minutes later he came and I was shacking in my boots. I was afraid that my ankle was going to be a big factor on my time.. On my first steps I felt my ankle tight, and hurt for a few seconds.. I took off a bit too fast, but I think it helped put my ankle in place. I felt a quick pull on my shin and a big relieve right after..
I kept going at an upper 7 pace and felt no pain, so it was a no brainer; I kept going at that pace. I figured I was going to last only a mile at that pace, but once I got the 1 mile marker, I still felt good, not tired and no pain. I saw that I was catching up to 3 runners, so I kept pushing and made it my goal to pass at least one of them. Ended up passing them and gaining about a good minute or so of distance.

When I saw the last 1/2 mile marker, I knew I was almost home, so no way I was going to slow down. at the last quarter mile or so, I saw this old lady that took off a good 4-5 minutes before me. I began to push at the last turn to see if I could catch up to her and still the overall place on the 3 leg, but she was too far, so I was only able to beat her by a 2 seconds window. My dad took off and 15:06 minutes later he came in, giving us a group time of 1:06:35. The team's overall place was 11th. The team's open category place was 4th, and thanks to my dad's age, we got 1st place in the Senior group division.. LOL. This was funny.. we saw that they were marking the places on the board as the last leg runners were coming in, and saw a 1 on our team under my dad's name. So, obviously, we thought that he had gotten 1st place in his age group. Turns out the whole team was given medals under the Senior division.. lol Dave was cracking up and excited that he was getting one being his very first race ever.

After the race my ankle began to cool off and therefore, it began to hurt again. Left the race site limping but proud. Now in the comfort of my house, I can cry like a bitch about how much the ankle is bothering me, but feel better once I look at the medal. :-), and at the fact that for the first time, I pulled the same pace as my dad did.. Well sort of.. just a few seconds off. If my ankle would have been ok, I think I would have beaten my dad today.. Oh well. Next time.

Great day, with great people and amazing results.. what can possibly make this day go blah?? oh yeah.. the though of "tomorrow is Monday" lol .....

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