Monday, April 5, 2010

Bike Ride With Jocelyn 1.07 miles (Not Kidding)

Grandma and Grandpa got Jocelyn a bike yesterday afternoon, obviously, she was all excited. Since daycare is closed today, I was the appointed person to stay home with her... Jocelyn and I made a deal early in the morning.. "If She behave, ate her food and took a shower, I would take her out to ride the bike" She said OTAY (Okay).

We were all ready to go around 11AM when she said to me "Daddy, I am hungry" So, I went ahead and prepared Mac&Cheese and some chicken strips. After we finished, she grabbed her helmet and told me that she was ready.

Joyce took the car to work today and the ride to the park is roughly 2 miles, so we rode along the sidewalk instead.. I was thinking that Jocelyn will at least get tired by the 3 block.. lol she surprised me by riding a whole mile, actually a bit over a mile. By the time we got within a block from the house, she told me that she was tired and that it was hard. She also mentioned that she wanted ice scream. I could not say no after that ride.. The first thing she did as we got in the house was "ask for ice scream". We had a cone each and right after she crashed on the sofa.. she was exhausted.

I forgot to take my Garmin with me today or at least my nike+ uggghh.. so no miles to load but its ok. I mapped the route to see how far we went and it made my day to see that a 3 year old would push that hard. Who knows what her reasons were to get that done, but she did it. Although, I think one of them was me telling her "If you get off and walk, I will leave the bike right here, because I will not carry it home" Her face looked worried when I said that.. lol but if this did it.. mission accomplished.. LOL

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