Saturday, May 1, 2010

My First Carbo-Load Dinner

We decided to go to the dinner this morning. We didn't have anything planned for tonight, so why not go for a free dinner?. Luckily the dinner was at the same location as the expo, so we decided to go over to the Expo and get out pkgs and then hit the dinner.

We all got our #s and enjoyed a bit of what the expo had to offer. On our way through the maze of vendors, I turned to the right and notice some one that looked familiar. Even the guy said, hey, I know I know you, but I can't point my finger where.. I never forger a face, and it bugged me that I knew him but could not remember from where. So we walked out from that booth with a free shower timer.. :) lol which reminds me, I forgot to use it tonight. lol

We looked for information about Jocelyns' fun run tomorrow, but they told us that the registration is done the same day of the race. Jocelyn is all exited about the race. She was telling me about how she was going to run really fast, and after she finishes, she would get a medal.. :). Of curse she was looking for her Bib, but got her to understand she will get it tomorrow.

We moved up to the end of the xpo to get out shirts and found out that the shirts were made with dry-fit  material. Really nice shirt if you ask me.. not a cotton like other races. Oh yeah, we got a hat as well. The pkg also included:
1 chap-stick, 1 keychain, 1 bracelet, 1 red pouch with first aid items. All inside a really nice bag (pic below). After getting out shirts we left the expo to make it to the dinner.

The dinner was held at "The Cradle Of Aviation Museum". According to the notes, this museum hosts the only IMAX theater in Long Island. Jocelyn was all excited to see planes. There were planes on the ceiling among other cool aviation related items. The music was pretty catchy and the environment was great. Jocelyn got to make some new friends while dancing to the music.

We finished our meals and left for home, and I am still puzzled by the guy I saw at the expo. I still can't remember where I meet him before. WTH?  

More pictures of tonight's event.

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  1. It was a great expo and not as big as Long Beach Marathon in CA, but hey the dinner was free. T-shirts run large, even a small seems, American size! haha j/k But the bonus is the hat, I wasn't expecting to get one. Good luck on your first ever marathon! You'll do great Sunday!!