Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Crazy After Work Run Outdoors 2.46 mil (27 min)

Ok this is the Nike+ record, but my Run Keeper says 2.59 miles. The run started really good. I was all hyper and ready to take on the world.. Thank God I took water with me. I was so excited about going out for a run this afternoon, that I only bother to check if it was going to rain, but not the outside temp.

Since I was in the zone, the heat didn't bother me 'till after mile 1, well by the time I got to mile one, the heat just bitchslaped me and laugh on my face.

On my way back from Glen Island I just didn't have it in me anymore. All that excitement and happy thought turned bitter. I was forced to take more walks than I would have wanted.. it was just too hot and those dam hills...

Towards the last 2 blocks to the building entrance at work, I was just running without a clue.. really, it was exhausted. I got to the entrance and I couldn't be happier that it was over.. Dorothy a good friend and coworker saw me and said.. "Israel!!! are you crazy? it is almost 100 degrees outside, what in the world are you doing running in this heat? How fast is your heart rate rate now?" I said, "honestly, I dunno, but right now I feel like I should just drop and die on the sidewalk" she laugh and gave me other motherly advice, in good faith. She is a sweet lady.

Over all, the run went ok I guess. I pulled the same distance with a minute less on Saturday, but to my defense.. it was on the treadmill with and AC running. Today's run was outdoors, in 97 freaking degrees and a bunch of little hills that just take it out of you if out of shape.

My gear is ready for tomorrow afternoon. what? Yes... going out there one more time tomorrow. Legs are holding up, just sore, no knee pain, but I am still a chicken-shit to run outdoors without a brace.  This time, I will try to keep my pace a bit slower so that I can run longer and avoid walks like today killing my over all pace.


  1. That's some serious heat! Be careful out there.

  2. Thanks Brian. today i think i will only do a mile..