Friday, July 23, 2010

The Run That Almost Didn't Happen 2.28 mil (23:48 min)

This run almost didn't happen. Towards the end of the day, 3 people decided to show up with wireless problems. Our policy prevents us from doing any work other than network related on personal laptops. This includes OS updates and so on.. Since our network uses Bradford and their machines were out of date, they failed. Of curse they were not going to just let it go and go home to update their machine. Luckily they were only missing one update and I was able to get them running.

As I was closing the work order a 4th person walked in saying "Oh thank God you are still open, I think I have a virus can you fix it?" I said, Sorry, you'll have to leave it or bring it back monday for a scan, to make it short, it was already 5:10 and I was still trying to explain to her that there was no way to know if she really had something without scanning the dam machine, and a scan would not take 5 minutes.. Finally convinced her to leave the dam thing so I could scan it Monday morning.

I was so upset that it was already 5:15 and about to miss my run. Joyce leaves her office at 5pm and gets to me around 5:20-5:30 if there is little or no traffic. 95 was clear so I only had enough time to get dressed..  anywho.. I figured "I still have some time, let me go for at least 1 mile to get he legs moving" got dressed in a jiffy and headed out.

Since I already know where the 1 mile marker is, I decided to not pay attention to the watch today. I only set them up and forgot about them. Half way into the first mile I sent a text to Joyce. "you'll probably have to wait a bit for me" lol

I was at mile 1 when she texted that she was 5 min away. I said "I'll be there in 10" lol and I actually made it back in close to 10 min. On the way back, I was a little out of breath, but I pushed. After getting back to the college and checking my records, I noticed that I cut down some time..not much but from that to nothing. In fact my 1st mile was at a pace of 9:22 and the 2nd mile 10:49 this was due to the two walks coming back up hills. so woohoo

As much as I like this route, I need to find a better one. Two long hilly streets are too slanted and I noticed that my leg struggles there. Right now my knee is bothering me a bit, I guess from going faster than previous runs and the constant slanted streets. I guess if I run this weekend it will be on the TM.
I have to admit, it was a bad idea to not pay attention to the watch. In doing this, I didn't noticed that I was going faster than I should, and caused me the little discomfort on the knee. But I also have to say; it was good to not have the stress of how fast or slow I was going during the run..

Over all and to finish this long ass post. I am very happy right now to see that I am cutting time off my runs.  Even though I am stuck in the 2-4 mile runs for now, well 1-3 to more exact. I haven't been able to do 4 miles yet, but who cares.. wait, I do..

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