Thursday, March 17, 2011

Desperate need for $$ or a Legit Case???

When I heard this news I was shocked. A NYC mother is suing an expensive preschool because after 3 weeks of classes it jeopardized the kid's chances of getting into an elite private school or, one day, the Ivy League. WOW!!

The law suit claims that all the kid learned were colors and shapes?.. The mother claims that her kid is very smart.. if you ask me, she did not get it from the mother. Maybe, just maybe the kid was not as smart as she claims and they had to take the kid back to basics? who knows, but She paid $19,000 based on the schools rep and she didn't bother to check out a few classes before making a large payment like that?
According to the news the kid only attended 3 weeks of classes. If you ask me, three weeks is a bit to rushed to determine how the rest of the school year will be like.

Sounds to me like my $6,000 a year daycare/Pre-school is giving my 4 year old a rich kid's education, teaching her way more than that fancy school is teaching rich kids in Manhattan. My kid is way passed the colors and shapes. She now knows what basic colors to mix to get other colors, she knows how to count to 75 in English and Spanish without any help. She's now reading and writing in both English and Spanish, and more. Shit my kid knows how to put a computer together, I have the picture to prove it ----------->

... Seems to me like this lady needs my daycare.. LOL

In the mother's defense I have to say that as a parent we all want the best for our kids. If paying outrageous amounts of $$ for your kid's education tells you that you are doing the best for them, then so be it. I know that if I had money like that, I might pay as well... Ok ok. maybe not that much money.. seriously $19,000? Maybe the colors and shapes were "Special" colors and shapes,  lol... I am sorry but that's just crazy...

Comment as you see fit..  :-)


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