Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Day In the City

I had a work order at one of our campuses in the city. It is located right across the WTC site. It took me a while to get there this morning due to some complications. I took the 6 train all the way down to City Hall. Needless to say, the train was slow. Where else can you find an old lady sitting with her grandson knitting a Yarmulke (yamaka) sitting next to two hooker looking girls in their early 20's talking about how their night was and how many guys they were with and who was the biggest job. Keep in mind that the train was packed and the conversation was very loud and explicit.

I managed to take a quick snap of the lady knitting.  I found it pretty cool. Sadly the lighting is crappy but you can still see what she is doing with her hands.

I took another snap at Canal St. Station. which I have not seen in ages. Where an Asian couple seemed to be lost and were trying to ask for directions. Sadly, no one wanted to help and they were being ignored, I guess because they barely spoke English. They were at the other side of the car, so I was waiting to see if any one from their side will help before I got up and help.  From what I understood they were trying to get to 34th St so they were way off. Luckily an old man gave them the correct directions and if they understood and followed it I can assume they got there with no problem.

So much for being a diverse city right? It really bothers me when you see people like that. Luckily not every one is that way. Same thing happened to Joyce and I on our way back home. We meet up at 33rd St and Park and got some well deserved Starbucks. We got back on the train and around 51st St station some people got off leaving some seats empty. Some guy just cut off Joyce to beat her tot he seat and he sat down with his legs wide open as if his balls were swollen or something and let no one sit down. Joyce found another sit across from the A-hole. The thought of me forcing myself on the seat crossed my mind but why ruin the time I was having with Joyce. After all, we only get to take the train home together once in a while.

My day did not go as planned during my work order. To be honest it was a nightmare. Nothing went right 'till the last minute. However, the campus director was kind enough to buy my coworker and I lunch. So meeting with Joyce after work was what I needed. I was so tired and stressed that I was not able to put in a run. We meet up with my parents who had Jocelyn and had a pretty good dinner with them. The next best thing that happened to me today was Jocelyn screaming happily "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy" and running towards me to give me a hug.. what made it even better is the "I love you" she said to me as I picked her up and gave her a kiss. Really put the finishing touch on my day. :-)
I did work out when I got home, did some pull-ups, crunches, push-ups followed by a nice relaxing shower. Now off to bed.  Here are some pics I took on my way in and out of work today.

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  1. Love your story and pics Israel--especially of the old lady sitting on the train. really impressed that you know the word yamulke. haha.

  2. Well thank you Muriel.. I happen to had a Jewish boss prior to my current job and we were pretty good friends.. My current manager is also Jewish and really, good friends as well. Plus,, there is always "".. lol i used it to make sure I was spelling it right. didn't want to look stupid by typing it wrong. lol

  3. do you work for Pace? I live a couple blocks away (toward Wall St.)